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Global Trend in Sustainable Energy Investment 2010
Analysis of Trends and Isssues in the Financing of RenewableEnergy and energy Efficiency
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【Let's create hopeful future.】

Prisident Obama 氏の支援グループへの私の過去のメール

President Obama 氏の支援グループへの私のメール
How do you do. 
 My name is yuuji matuoka , as a civil ocean engineer in japan , age 61. I want to show my presentation about the ocean development aiming at making the peaceful world to the President of Obama USA. ( : My this presentation is always my lifework. ) How do you come to be able to do it from poor life in rich life? How to change to be able to do it from the poor people to the plentful people? The Ocean Development was presented by J.F.Kennedy before about 40 years ago. Here are many objects on the subjects in these difficult big projects, but I believe it will be possible and succeed. Those many projects will be able to make up many jobs for worldwide people. The best leader will be present both The hope and The Dream for many people believing the leader. Please show to USA President Obama my presentation. I hope USA President Mr.Obama will succeed as Best excellent top leader in the world at 21century.
This is my presentation. : 私の海洋開発提案 : ノアの箱舟を創ろう-Super Floating Structure

OREC- Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition

OREC- Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition
Ocean Renewable Energy Coalition
President Obama Announces Ocean Task Force On June 12, 2009, President Obama announced the formation...
Markey/Waxman legislation on Climate Change Released; News for Marine Renewables Developers On May 15, 2009, Representatives Waxman and Markey...
Congressional Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency EXPO & Forum SUSTAINABLE ENERGY COALITION MARK YOUR CALENDAR ...
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メールで、私に a business co-operation and your assistance の協力の申し出が米国系の機関(Wright Matthew)からありました。 2010.5.19
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From: Wright Matthew Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 6:06 PM To: undisclosed-recipients: Subject: I need your co-operation
I need your co-operation
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Matt R. Simmons to Address GMREC III during Thursday, April 15th Luncheon
March 12, 2010 by TMarieHilton
Filed under Announcements, Blog, OREC Newsroom
Matthew R. Simmons is Chairman Emeritus of Simmons & Company International, a specialized energy investment banking firm. The firm has completed approximately 770 investment banking projects for its worldwide energy clients at a combined dollar value in excess of $140 billion.
Mr. Simmons was raised in Kaysville, Utah. He graduated cum laude from the University of Utah and received an MBA with Distinction from Harvard Business School. He served on the faculty of Harvard Business School as a Research Associate for two years and was a Doctoral Candidate.
Mr. Simmons began a small investment bank/advisory firm in Boston. Among his early clients were several subsea service companies. By 1973, almost all of his clients were oil service companies. Following the 1973 Oil Shock, Simmons decided to create a Houston-based firm to concentrate on providing highest quality investment banking advice to the worldwide oil service industry. Over time, the specialization expanded into investment banking covering all aspects of the global energy industry.
SCI’s offices are located in Houston, Texas; London, England; Boston, Massachusetts; Aberdeen, Scotland and Dubai, UAE. In 2007, Mr. Simmons founded The Ocean Energy Institute in Mid-Coast Maine. The Institute’s focus is to research and create renewable energy sources from all aspects of our oceans.
Simmons serves on the Board of Directors of Houston Technology Center (Houston) and the Center for Houston’s Future (Houston). He also serves on The University of Texas’ M.D. Anderson Cancer Center Foundation Board of Visitors (Houston) and is a Trustee of the Bermuda Institute for Ocean Sciences. In addition, he is past Chairman of the National Ocean Industry Association. Mr. Simmons is a past President of the Harvard Business School Alumni Association and a former member of the Visiting Committee of Harvard Business School. He is a member of the National Petroleum Council, Council on Foreign Relations and The Atlantic Council of the United States. Mr. Simmons is a Trustee of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Island Institute and Farnsworth Art Museum in Maine.
Mr. Simmons’ recently published book Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy has been listed on the Wall Street Journal’s best-seller list. He has also published numerous energy papers for industry journals and is a frequent speaker at government forums, energy symposiums and in boardrooms of many leading energy companies around the world.
Mr. Simmons is married and has five daughters. His hobbies include watercolors, cooking, writing and travel.
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Matthew Simmons, CEO, Simmons & Company International :Pg2


Matthew Simmons, CEO, Simmons & Company International

0 Comments | Analyst WireMay 11, 2010

CRUMPTON: Which makes what you're telling me even a little bit more ironic?
CRUMPTON: Alright, Mr. Simmons, we're going to ask you to stay with us through the break, because we have a few more questions about you.
Matt Simmons, he's the chairman emeritus of Simmons and Company International. More on what's been going on as the recovery and containment efforts continue in the Gulf Coast following the massive spill.
And of course we're going to continue to monitor hearings on Capitol Hill as executives testify about what caused the disaster, and how to avoid another devastating environmental event.
We'll continue to follow all of this as we come back.
CRUMPTON: Welcome back to Bloomberg News. I'm Mark Crumpton. Thank you so much for staying with us. Continuing our conversation now about the fallout from the BP oil spill with Matt Simmons, founder and chairman emeritus of Simmons and Company International. Thank you so much for staying with us through the break.
SIMMONS: You're very welcome.
CRUMPTON: We were talking about drilling and the depths of drilling. When the industry started to drill deeper and deeper, did it fully consider the probabilities of what might happen?
SIMMONS: You know, there was such a difference between going deeper and deeper water dips. And the perfect safety record we had. And then two or three years ago, the oil companies - it wasn't the drilling companies - the oil companies decided there's just not a lot left to drill for until we go to ultra-deep formations.
And I think maybe they didn't put two and two together and realize -
CRUMPTON: Define ultra-deep formations.
SIMMONS: Well, deep water is 1,000 feet. Ultra-deep is 3,000 feet. This was a mile underwater. And we'd been successfully down to two miles underwater.
That still wasn't that big a risk as long as you stayed at shallow to intermediate pressures. But when you started going down in these very deep vertical depths, we really got ahead of ourselves. And they say that the bottom hull pressure, there might have been as high as 30,000 to 40,000 pounds per square inch, and the sub-sea blowout (ph) preventer is - at best is rated for 15.
CRUMPTON: Which means you're in dangerous territory.
SIMMONS: Yes, yes, if you got a kick, the odds were very low that anything could have been done.
CRUMPTON: Mr. Simmons, what are you expecting to come out of these Congressional hearings? Are we going to get to the bottom of this? Is the truth going to come out?
SIMMONS: Well, I would think that through it all, we'll learn a lot more. We hopefully will learn how safe that the industry -
CRUMPTON: Which is not to suggest - and I don't mean to interrupt when I say the truth coming out. Not to suggest, by any means, that anybody has been disingenuous or not telling the truth now.
But it seems that there's a gray area where some things just aren't being acknowledged right now.
SIMMONS: I think we went so far so fast with no failures that we really didn't realize that once you start going down - it's like basically going from the Concord to all of a sudden we're going to take the Concord to the moon.

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